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Summer 2021 Internship

Lyft Business Design+

I worked on a feature for an enterprise web-based product to support internal company processes and medical reimbursements.


Over the summer, I joined the Lyft Business team as a product design intern. The team primarily worked on enterprise design tools and being able to provide the Lyft experience to better support the employees of large enterprises. The project I was put on was to better support our internal Lyft Concierge users as well as enterprises. While this project is under NDA and I am unable to share about the product itself while it's in development, I can share my process towards designing this feature. ‍


June to August 2021 (12 weeks)


Lyft Business Design+, working on Concierge 


Product Design Intern

Internship Takeaways

‍I was thankful to have the opportunity to own my project from end-to-end, under the supervision of other amazing designers and project managers I got to learn from. 

Getting to solve a project in a completely new space was challenging but rewarding. I got to dive into a new product space and have the opportunity to work with other UX researchers and designers for the first time. I learned a lot about how to best collaborate with cross functional partners, and I also learned a lot about how I work with others. 

Some key takeaways...

Try something new

I felt like I was constantly hitting a wall with my ideation process, and all it took was doing something I normally wouldn't and seeing how that ties in with my overall concept. It might end up presenting better results than you initially anticipate.

The importance of feedback

I received lots of feedback with every step of the design process from designers on my team as well as target users. While some were minor, I still took every critique into account, and it ultimately shaped my final product. 

Finding the best solution involved a lot of cross-collaboration towards understanding the scope of my project and Concierge as a whole. I spoke to fellow product designers, project managers, engineers, and even medical consultants that used the product, to understand how the product delivers solutions to users, what could be improved, and what it currently lacks in today's experience.

Since this was my first time working on an existing product with an already well-established design system, it was certainly a new space to navigate working with existing design constraints as to not introduce something completely foreign to the users.

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