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Case Study | Browser Extension


ESGrade is a browser extension that displays Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) informations to consumers while they shop online, with the goal of making ESG information accessible at the point of purchase. 

This project was completed in partnership with S&P Global's Sustainable1 Team, as part of Cornell Tech's BigCo Studio, supervised by Josh Hartmann and Karan Girotra. 


January to May 2022 (15 weeks)


Allison Yick, Jacob Nadelman, Nomin Sukhbaatar, Vilom Oza, Itay Fried


Product Designer, UX Researcher

  • Sustainability is an emerging sector expected to grow to $51B by 2029

  • 50% increase in sustainable product sales since 2014

  • Sustainability is smart - for our planet and for business

Why Now?

  • The product aims to encourage users to efficiently factor and understand ESG information in their purchasing process

  • Markets S&P Global as a leader in sustainability sector and can act as a lead generator

What's the Vision?

S&P Global



  • ESG go-to-guy position

  • Raise the ESG data analysis market bar

  • Business opportunities (reports for sale, ads, consulting services)

  • Measurement tool for improvement

  • Acquisition channel

  • Internal efforts savings

  • On-demand knowledge

  • Create impact

  • Increase buyer power

Fit for both company strategy and end users

Let’s move on to the hi-fi demo!

  1. Will it actually change consumer behaviour?

  2. How do consumers that care about ESG currently make purchase decisions?

Risks & Assumptions

From our initial experiment results and further user interviews we validate our hypothesis and can state that displaying ESG scores does compel users to choose a more ESG friendly product even if it is more expensive

User Experience


Downstream Funnel

Reduce friction – have the ESG score highlighted alongside the price of the product​

​Highlight the product in S&P publications and spread awareness

​Develop call to action features on S&P Global Sustainable1 page for companies to reach out for consulting assistance

Future Roadmap

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