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Hi, I'm Allison!

I am a NYC-based product designer, originally from Toronto!

Graduated from Parsons School of Design this past spring with a BFA in Communication Design, and Cornell Tech’s Product & BigCo Studio 2021-22.

I am interested in working around community building and enhancing digital products within the social impact space.

Currently, I'm an Experience Designer at ONE. Previously, I was a product designer on the Fleet Platform team at Lyft focusing on improving internal tools. Prior to that, I interned at Lyft on the Business Design+ team working on enterprise solutions. On the side, I worked on building Meetable's mobile community app for prospective university students. Previously, I was at Wix Playground Academy, a 3-month intensive web design program, and Cloud 6 Studios

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Seeking Summer 2021 product design internship opportunities.

Portfolio PDF available upon request. Contact me below!

My Values

Design for Community

Especially with working in a remote environment, I want to help improve digital products that evoke community and collaboration.

Always Be Learning

I am constantly looking for ways to learn new skills that I can apply to my field. I also want to be taking my mistakes or failures and reflecting on them to become better as a designer.

Take a Break

This applies to not only my workflow, but also with designing, I oftentimes hit a wall with ideation. Sometimes stepping away and coming back to your design will give you a fresh perspective. 

Want to work with me?

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Constantly learning –

👩🏻‍💻 Designing in 3D, learning Blender

☕️ Making chai lattes, my go-to coffee shop order

📕 Winding down with Crying in H Mart

🎧 Listening to k-pop and podcasts like "AsianBossGirl"

🎞️ Shooting 35mm film pics of sunsets and dogs

Outside of design –

  • binging k-dramas

  • reading film plots on wikipedia

  • vlogging my day on tiktok

  • cooking new recipes

  • going on film photo walks with my roommate

How did I get here?

I am always looking for ways to design innovative solutions for the simplest of actions.

While I've always loved creating from a young age, I believe my journey in design began with playing around on photoshop during a grade 10 business class. This initially pushed me towards the graphic design field. Surprisingly, taking a liberal arts class per my college degree requirements is what led me to pursue UX design. There, I learned how design goes beyond the visual and encompasses how we behave and interact with our surroundings.

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